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About Dulse Ceramics

Hi, I'm Ami, the maker at Dulse Ceramics.

I set up my pottery studio in 2020 to bring life to a long held dream of being a potter. I love the versatility of clay and the breadth of learning that is to be done with the many disciplines in clay work and glazes & firing. Clay has taught me patience and the value of repetitive practice, as well as the dedication required to running a business (still learning that to be honest!)


Cooking & eating is a very important part of my life so I enjoy making and using cups, bowls, dishes and other items for the kitchen. I aspire to make my functional ware with clean, simple forms decorated with block colours. I enjoy adding flowing brush strokes to pieces - the tension of translating what is in my mind to a physical form, and then how it interacts with the glaze underneath is a constant journey. I do not think that everything in we use has to be exactly matching so my products reflect that!

Landscape Vases

I've always lived in Sussex. It has the beauty of both hills, rivers and the sea. This provides ample inspiration for creating my Landscape Vases. These are a relatively new creation that encourages me to see places in a new light when we go out into nature and carve my interpretation onto clay.

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